Spectra 2017

the modern urban landscape isn't just unordered and random, but actively hostile and aggressive. While the world around him exudes the absurd, Paul strives to make personal sense of it through his camera lens. A photograph is a lie, but it is also the truth.

Originally from small town Ontario, Paul Mansfield now inhabits the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. His combined fascination and repulsion with the mass of humanity that constitutes the modern urban landscape creates dramatic tension in his work, both exposing and exulting the belligerent chaos of daily life in a city struggling to be world class but still mired in the provincial ways of the past. Paul views the city’s struggle to break free from the chains of history as a mirror of his own struggle.

As a pioneer in digital imaging since the 1980s, Paul has witnessed the rapid evolution of photography during his lifetime. He has fully embraced digital as the only way to create modern masterpieces, while lamenting the inevitable bit decay that accompanies all things digital.

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